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Preparing the rider and horse for competition

Competitive riding - novice or professional - requires long hours of training to build a solid partnership between the horse and rider, in addition to training to build fitness and stamina.

At Alpha Equestrian, we help riders to design training programmes for the weeks leading up to the event, as well as assistance in preparing the horse on the day of the event to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both rider and horse.

Alpha Equestrian organises regular mini shows to prepare novice riders for the rigours of competition. Qualified dressage judges are invited to grade riders and their horses, and provide objective feedback for both rider and trainer.

Riders are also taught practical skills like bandaging, braiding, feeding routines and how to chose the appropriate equipment.

We are here to support the riders and horses in their competitive careers.

Horse-trailer hire

Alpha Equestrian has a single-berth horse-trailer available for clients who would like to participate in shows, but do not have access to a horse-trailer. For more information on terms and conditions, contact Colleen.

Colleen Moore riding Paris in the dressage arena, Noordhoek Show (top). Horse-trailer available for hire (above). A relaxed moment at one of Alpha Equestrian’s mini shows (right).