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Horse-assisted therapy

Horse owners have always recognized the therapeutic benefits of riding. Today horses are also being used to facilitate emotional growth and healing for people in crisis. Horse-therapy has been very effective in building confidence and trust, learning boundaries, and impulse control in people struggling with addiction. For more information on horse assisted therapy, contact Colleen Moore.

“The horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care. Put your hand on your horse and your heart in your hand”

- Pat Parelli

Corporate team-building

Working with horses to illustrate the importance of teamwork and leadership in a business environment is a refreshing approach to building relationships within an organisation. Working on challenging problem solving tasks while interacting with 500kg animals that are highly resposive and interactive, can be extremely rewarding and fun. For more information on tailoring a programme for your organisation’s next team building workshop, contact Alpha Equestrian.

Horse wisdom requires paying attention to what is good and right with the world, and expanding that, even as we protect ourselves from predators hiding in the grass. No matter what’s happening around us, the emotional agility, social intelligence, and fear management skills horses teach help us deal efficiently with technical difficulties and interpersonal challenges - and then “go back to grazing”. Over time, as we learn to ride life’s roller coaster with ease, an underlying sense of “deep peace” emerges and strengthens. We find that we can let go of the stories that tie us to past injustice. And we can fully enjoy the present, knowing that we are courageous, empowered, and adaptable enough to meet the future with the relaxed yet expanded awareness of a mature herd leader”

- Linda Kohanov

Horses are sociable herd animals, and highly interactive, often mirroring our own inter-personal behaviour.